Creative Services

Without Strategy, Creative Will Fail.

Our creative goal is to save the world from
the bland and the boring.

Pedestrian and ineffective creative threatens to comatose consumers on a daily basis. But really, what matters most are results: making phones ring and websites buzz with traffic. Sure we make things look pretty, colorful and eye-catching, most agencies do, but we’re strategic in nature first and foremost. And without strategy, creative will fail.

What’s more, our MatchPoint™ Analytics delivers psychographic analysis so we can identify which creative message best fits each customer type. By delivering the right message, to the right people, you’ll be making more by spending less.

And once we know the customer type, we deliver a message that is relevant. That speaks to that customer in an emotional way. Our approach to this process is simple: develop one thought, one focus. But branding and positioning goes beyond just logos and colors schemes. It goes deeper into the brain. That’s why we employ the new field of Neuromarketing – the key to unlocking your customer’s brain and pushing their “buy buttons.” We also understand that the most powerful concept in advertising isn’t some award-winning campaign, it’s owning a word or persona in the prospect’s mind. What word is your brand?

Neuromarketing is where brain science meets creative.

Neuro What? Neuromarketing!

What drives customer decisions? What are the emotional buy buttons ? This isn’t subliminal advertising, this is real science.

Even the smallest of things like placing images on the left, text on the right because the left hemisphere of the brain is better at processing imagery. It’s little things like this, that “whispers” a creative message to the prospects brain to get people act. We employ these techniques in just about everything we do, including:

  • Broadcast Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Script Writing
  • Print Design
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Outdoor/Billboards
  • Collateral
  • Name Development

Creative Options Rules of Great Creative:

Rule #1:
Speak to the heart and the mind will follow.
Rule #2:
Bad advertising is about the advertiser. Good advertising is about the customer.
(Remember, the customer isn’t interested in your address or phone number until after you’ve convinced them why they should care.)
Rule #3:
Use verbs. Verbs are more effective than nouns.
Rule #4:
Eliminate “plain words.” Avoid words that do not contribute toward a more vivid or colorful image. (Same holds true with images)
Rule #5:
Be unpredictable. Surprise is the foundation of everything delightful.
Rule #6:
Use sound, music, compelling words, unusual cadence, blank airtime or a memorable moment to capture and retain the audience’s attention.
Rule #7:
Don’t forget the benefit.

Please visit our portfolio page to see some of work, but caution, you better strap on a seat belt because you’re about to blown away.

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