Investor and Public Relations

We Generate Awareness

Creative Options Communications focus is strategic communications – generating awareness and understanding of your company among members of the financial community, business community and general public. Our goal is to get a company’s stock fully valued, find new brokers and institutional fund managers, increase trading volume, expand following and gain national media publicity. We are specialists in building market awareness for mini, micro and small cap emerging growth companies.

Our Services Include:

Dissemination of Research Reports and Press Releases

Creative Options will also provide a one page research report summary in the form of an easily-disseminated investor fact sheet. We will distribute your report and press releases by email to our opt-in network of retail investors, fund managers, brokers, market makers, and newsletter contacts. We will also distribute the information to our smaller “personal” network; sophisticated investors who bring real money to the table.

Press Release Services

Creative Options facilitates press release tagging and assists with distribution. We can also work with management to provide writing and content coaching.

Investor Presentation Conferences

We realize that no one is more passionate about your company than yourself, so will set up a conference in a select city where you will be able to convey your message to hundreds of potential investors.

Road Shows

Creative Options will schedule conferences in major U.S. cities including New York, Boston and Chicago – putting you in front of Brokers, Money Managers and Funds. Face-to-face meetings with these industry heavy weights are the best ways to convey the strengths and goals of your company directly to the broker/dealer market.

Social Media Programs

We utilize the latest Web 2.0 social media and networking tools to introduce our clients to an enormous online audience. We have created a platform that allows company management to interact efficiently with current and potential shareholders, customers, and media outlets through a seamless integration into an all-inclusive computer desktop application. We teach clients how to leverage programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, and to create a self-propagating audience for both their company and its stock. These outlets represent the future of investor relations and Creative Options is proud to be at the forefront of this microcap innovation.