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Should You Hire a Branding Agency?

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Working with partners and even outsourcing tasks and projects is a common phenomenon in the modern age.  People hire cleaning and lawn crews, database administrators, personal shoppers and assistants, even virtual CEOs.  With this in mind, hiring a branding agency doesn’t seem so improbable. Branding agencies are not just for multi-million…

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Traditional Media Terms – Common Definitions You Need To Speak The Language of Media Buyers and Planners.

Here at our offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas, we speak with a little bit of a twang. But every day we are speaking the words used in media buying and planning. It is important for everyone to understand media terminology to improve communication both within the agency as well as with clients. This is…

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Landing Page Tips. Increase Your Conversion Rate By Turning Browsers into Buyers

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Every business wants to increase sales. And every business wants to be more efficient in using the marketing budget. Having a landing page is one step in achieving that. The number of visitors to your landing page who end up taking the action you want them to take (shop, create an…

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