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5 Tips For Choosing the Right Advertising Agency: Dallas, TX

As the President of Creative Options, I’d like to think we’re the best small advertising agency in all of Texas and Southwest. The fact of the matter is, there are many advertising agencies out there. Many of them good, but not all. So, if you’re a business owner or Marketing Director looking for an advertising…

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Insights On How to Get More Leads For Your Business Using Video Marketing

One of the most powerful ways to generate customer prospects is video marketing. Potential customers want to know 1.) who they are doing business with, and 2.) want to learn more about your company’s philosophy, processes and credibility. According to a study by Comscore, 84% of the monthly US internet audience viewed online video. People,…

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Improve Website Conversion Rates In Three Steps. (And Increase Revenue While You’re At It.)

If you’re like a number of business owners, you have your ways of getting people to your website. Maybe you have a great search engine optimization company, social media presence, or your store generates a lot of foot traffic that translates into web traffic. In any case, they come to your website, but they never…

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10 Useful Useless Marketing Facts And Why You Should Care About Analytics.

1.  Research shows that people click on the organic results 75% of the time and paid results only 25% of the time. 2.  The Average Facebook user has 130 friends on the site. 3.  According to Nielsen, DVRs are now in 37.3% of US TV households and 54.3% have at least one high-definition TV. 4. …

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Paid Traffic vs. Natural Traffic: What’s The Difference?

So, you have a website. Now you are finding yourself in the position of wanting more visitors to your website. Okay, you share a common problem with tens of millions of other people. Now, if you have done some research on the topic, you are probably aware that there are two primary ways to get…

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