Improve Your Web site Conversion Rate

Increasing revenue is the goal of most every business. Almost every website loses potential customers due to lackluster sales funnels and poorly designed websites. Now is the time to review your site to see why it might fail to convert interested prospects. And this article is the first step in helping improve your conversion rate….

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Website Design Best Practices and How to Turn Web Visitors Into Sales

You spend thousands of dollars from your marketing budget on a Web site that gets few visits and worse yet, unqualified leads. This is the unfortunate reality for many small businesses who have taken the time and money to invest in a Web site, but are guilty of three basic web design mistakes, and as…

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Improve Website Conversion Rates In Three Steps. (And Increase Revenue While You’re At It.)

If you’re like a number of business owners, you have your ways of getting people to your website. Maybe you have a great search engine optimization company, social media presence, or your store generates a lot of foot traffic that translates into web traffic. In any case, they come to your website, but they never…

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Paid Traffic vs. Natural Traffic: What’s The Difference?

So, you have a website. Now you are finding yourself in the position of wanting more visitors to your website. Okay, you share a common problem with tens of millions of other people. Now, if you have done some research on the topic, you are probably aware that there are two primary ways to get…

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