Media Planning

Connecting You To A Relevant Audience, Frequently.

The key to making media work is relentless repetition. So we firmly believe in the “Frequency Is King” method when it comes to media buying. Our goal is to connect you to a relevant audience with a relevant message as many times as possible with a given budget.

And with our MatchPoint™ Analytics, we can focus your advertising dollars on the most responsive prospects while stepping over those who will likely never buy from you.

Our unique system of negotiating the best possible media schedules allows us to stretch your advertising dollars. We also understand that rating points don’t buy anything.  That’s why we dig deeper; customer profiles matched against media profiles, reach and frequency, time spent listening, audience recycling, hour-by-hour variances, demographic distribution and much more.

In simpler terms our formula is quite simple:

Less Fragmentation = More Connectivity
Higher Frequency =  More Traffic

Our media strategies are unique, aggressive, and effective. We plan and buy all media. Our services include:

  • Strategic Media Plan Development
  • Media Plan Execution
  • Demographics Analysis
  • Media Research
  • Strong Negotiating Skills
  • Value-added Merchandising
  • B2C and B2B publications
  • Newspaper
  • Out-of-home
  • Direct Response
  • Online and non-traditional media
  • Time Advertising:
  • Television
  • Cable television
  • Radio

Schedule Stewardship and Reporting

We are disciplined stewards of our clients’ media schedules, recognizing that millions of dollars are lost or gained during schedule maintenance. So we audit all our media schedules on an on-going basis. We are transparent in our reporting, keeping you informed every step of the way.