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5 Proven Steps That Lead to More Website Traffic and sales

Denver, Colorado – Having a beautiful, functional website is one thing, but if you don’t have anyone apart from your family and friends visiting – what good is it really? The key to online success is getting lots of traffic to your site. But, it is not just any ol’ traffic that you should want…

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Get High Search Engine Ranking Using Long Tail Keywords!

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Just when you think you know something about search engine optimization, consumers change their search patterns. More and more, people are using search terms of 3 words or more, known as “long tail” keywords, to find what they’re searching for more quickly. It is estimated that 70% of all internet searches…

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10 Useful Useless Marketing Facts And Why You Should Care About Analytics.

1.  Research shows that people click on the organic results 75% of the time and paid results only 25% of the time. 2.  The Average Facebook user has 130 friends on the site. 3.  According to Nielsen, DVRs are now in 37.3% of US TV households and 54.3% have at least one high-definition TV. 4. …

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