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How To Make Radio Advertising Successful and Increase Your ROI

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Despite the deafening hyperbole surrounding Internet advertising, radio is still one of the most effective advertising media around. Most people listen to the radio in their cars, making them a captive audience exposed to one message at a time – and what better time is there to gain your customers top-of-mind…

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Traditional Media Terms – Common Definitions You Need To Speak The Language of Media Buyers and Planners.

Here at our offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas, we speak with a little bit of a twang. But every day we are speaking the words used in media buying and planning. It is important for everyone to understand media terminology to improve communication both within the agency as well as with clients. This is…

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Understanding Traditional Media Planning and Buying for Dallas, Austin, Texas And Beyond.

Media sure has changed since I was child. Heck, it’s changed since last year. Inbound marketing, social media, mobile messaging has changed everything. But traditional media is still a very viable and beneficial way to reach your target audience. So, let’s delve into a bit more and how you can use it effectively to increase…

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