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Segmentation And Targeting

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – In marketing speak, the two related practices of segmentation and targeting go hand-in-hand. Segmentation is the practice of differentiating your prospects before you approach them with marketing outreach in order to separate those most likely to buy from you (your “best prospects”) from those less likely. Meanwhile, targeting is the practice…

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5 key considerations for predictive modeling and how it can boost your marketing efforts

If you own a company in a large city like Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, the competition for market share is fierce. But there are ways to overcome: Predictive Modeling. We’re entering a new era of Precision Marketing brought on by ever-increasing computing capacity. One result of that super charged computing power is…

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10 Useful Useless Marketing Facts And Why You Should Care About Analytics.

1.  Research shows that people click on the organic results 75% of the time and paid results only 25% of the time. 2.  The Average Facebook user has 130 friends on the site. 3.  According to Nielsen, DVRs are now in 37.3% of US TV households and 54.3% have at least one high-definition TV. 4. …

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