About Us

Marketing Isn't Just Our Profession

It's Our Passion!

Call us marketing nerds or geeks if you want, but we love what we do.

We love deep discussions among ourselves about the most minutia of all things marketing and advertising. We live it, breathe it and definitely love it!

We’re not the biggest agency, but we take a sophisticated approach that rivals those on Madison Avenue. And, we just don’t think in terms of advertising solutions, but more importantly to you, business solutions. We care about things like increasing revenue streams, meeting business objectives and reaching sales goals. In short, we solve business problems through marketing solutions.

So, if you want some nerds, geeks and passionate group of marketers on your side fighting for results, let’s talk to today, so you can hear the passion in our voices.

Our History

Was it steel nerves or ignorant bliss?

Maybe a little of both. Whatever it was, the early ‘90s were not the best time to start an agency. But we did, and not only did we survive, we’ve been quite successful. Of course, an obsession with strategic thinking, creative excellence and top-level service can do that.

We were founded in 1992 as Creative Options Advertising. Work was initially design-related and geared toward development of collateral and direct mail. In 2007, David Drewitz opened a Dallas, Texas, office, and we became Creative Options Communications, a full-service advertising and public relations agency.

How did we do it? By putting our hearts in our business and delivering impressive results that help our clients meet their business objectives. And today, we continue to grow. We see every day as an opportunity, and we look forward to all the upcoming challenges. We look forward to forming strong partnerships and friends.